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The Value Driven Investor is a vibrant online community of dedicated and driven real estate agents who are taking control of their future by learning how to invest in real estate to create passive and reliable income. 

This community is lead by successful agents turned investors who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. 

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Highly recommend Tim and the team...Great community! 
Listen as Ryan Custodio (Real Estate Agent, Whitebear Lake, Minnesota) talks about his experience with Tim Murphy
There's a lot of people that can talk a good game, but there's very few that can get results
Shane Melanson is a successful commercial real estate coach and investor.

Providing A Community For Passionate Real Estate Investors So You Can

Live Life On YOUR Terms

Make Progress Towards Your Best Life

Accountability - Guidance - Connection - Community

New Opportunities - New Strategies - Guest Speakers - Deal Flow - Fresh Resources

Everything you need, in one place, to succeed as a real estate investor and build the life you dream of. 

The VDI Community Guides Investors Through 4 Essential Phases

Phase 1: Survive

Discover your true "why," by following your passion and embracing your journey. Leading you to, "Life on Your Terms."

Phase 2: Thrive

Execute your purpose driven plan. Grow mentally, physically and financially, by leveraging your “Value-Driven Investor” relationships. Allowing you to build a life where your money works for you. Not you working for money.

Phase 3: Invest

Build assets that earn you secure cashflow. 
Providing you stability and financial freedom. 

Phase 4: Legacy

Grow, protect & transfer your legacy for future generations. 
Leave an everlasting impact on the world. 

Acceptance Into the Value Driven Investor Community Includes

Community Access

"We are stronger togehter than alone." A vibrant & private, online network of like-minded investors that interact, engage, challege, and collaborate with one another. 

Direct Access

"You are not alone." You get direct access to Tim Murphy & VDI Team Members during LIVE calls. Ask questions and we solve your problems.

Investment Case Studies

"Proof it's real." A breakdown  of opportunities fellow VDI community members are taking action on.  You'll get details on strategy, execution, financing, monetizing, liquidating, and leveraging investments.


"Innovation happens now." Showcasing investing strategies that will keep you in the know and increase your return on investment.

Guest Speakers

"Learn from those who have gone before you." Showcasing some of the brightest minds in the industry to keep you on the cutting edge, ready to make smart investment decisions.

Resource Library

"Shorten your path." Full access to content from past guests, workshops, reports, manuals, spreadsheets, software, video training and more. 

LIVE Events, Meet-Ups and more....

Value Driven Investor is a Private Community For Serious Investors

A community that believes in taking action

Together we are stronger than alone
Together we will design the life you have always dreamed of

Who is Our Value Driven Investor Community For?

"Those who are passionate about real estate investing and are taking action" 

Our Members Are:


You Thrive On Challenging Yourself. Driven to reach your full potential. Growth is what you seek. Quitting is not an option.


You are eager to have deep meaningful relationships


You are open to sharing your successes, failures and questions

Free Thinker

You have a passion for solving problems. You triangulate potential solutions and come to your own conclusions.


You are a builder of things. Open to new perspectives from inside and outside your industry.  Innovation is what you seek.


You are a Leader with an infinite mindset. Looking to collaborate with your peers because you believe together we are stronger than alone.

Meet the VDI Founder

Tim Murphy

Forging Value Driven Investors

No matter where you have come from or where you are going, becoming a Value Driven Investor is in all our best interests. Because becoming financially free allows us to focus on what matters most in life:

Fulfilling our life's purpose.

Our community at Value-Driven Investors is committed to you, and together we will help you reach your goals.

For all of us in the Value Driven Investor community, there is no greater gift than the gift of giving.

That’s why this community is Spartan Strong!

Because each one of us is committed to the next.
When you have questions, we have answers.

So I ask, 

“Are you committed to becoming a Value Driven Investor?”

Are You a Good Fit?

Are you, a go getter looking to surround yourself with high achievers who will push you to the next level?

Are you, a seasoned real estate investor looking for deal flow, innovative strategies and fresh resources all in one place?

Are you, a high net worth individual looking to get your money working for you... Instead of you working for your money?

Are you, looking to build a legacy that will last long after you are gone?

Join Our Value Driven Investor Community Today...

because the journey is better together than alone

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